Photography by Rajan Soni

Rajan Soni's Gallery

You might not consider yourself an “Art Collector” in the traditional sense, but you do consider yourself an art lover. You believe in the slow pleasure of beauty, and that enhancing the environment around you enhances your life.

And while you appreciate all kinds of creative expression, the art you’re most drawn to is classic and timeless, and displays attention to detail, dedication to craft and a reverence for the world we live in.

Hi, I’m Rajan, and that’s the kind of art I create. I am an Entrepreneur by Profession and a Photographer by Passion. I have been taking photographers for 15 years now, and I love showcasing minimalism and realism in my work. My preferred subjects are Landscapes, Cityscapes, Street Photography and everything India.

Welcome to my gallery. I invite you to come in, learn more about me and my work, and stop to embrace the slow pleasure of art and beauty.
Feel free to explore my collections through the navigation above, for inquiries you can contact me at